Monday, 11 January 2010

Lovely Day

well I had a lovely day today! bagged another day off of work and so decided to have a bit of a day out! First of all a trip to Hobbycraft, really only needed a few rolls of thread and thought I might find some inspiration, felt it was a little bit samey, nothing really unusual just tapestry kits teddy bear making kits and lots of art stuff, oh well I then had to run an errand for a friend in Wiltshire, so I decided to ask my Aunt if she fancied a trip in the car, she had been snow bound for about a week, she has a problem with her hip and didn't want to risk a slip on the ice so she was well happy to get out for a few hours!

So after we did the errand we had a quick look round Dunelm Mill in Swindon, the sale was on and they had some good stuff! I bought some buckram and a few other bits I needed, we then nipped into Sainsburys where my aunt did a little shop, she doesn't drive and rely's on her pushbike to get shopping, so I think she appreciated the day out as much as I enjoyed her company!

Above are a few of the purchases and finally I have machine appliqued the Love Cushion, only my second attempt but I can really see i've improved, what do you think about a matching tassle in each corner when I turn it into a cushion??


  1. I love gingham and I love the color, burgundy, so it really looks very nice.

  2. I discovered Dunelm Mill recently,I got some really nice bedding there.Nice for your aunt that she has a caring niece to take her out.Yes...the tassle idea would look great!


  3. the cushion is simply gorgeous! Sounds a lovely day out! I am so envious! it has been a really hectic day at work, just heading off for a long bath!

  4. Hi, I,m cottonreel . The cushion is lovely , very up to the minute . for one mad minute I thought the in terior pics,. were your home . I,m very much into hugging and cuddling my home with furnishings . I love the airy spacious no clutter look but I sew knit , crochet, stick things and all sorts so no airy spacious for me. It is cottage / shabby chic .--------cottonreel