Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lazy Weekend

Well it was my new years resolution to post on a more regular basis, but I've broken it already! and I had been getting new followers and more readers which I am so pleased about so I must carry on the good work! I cant even put it down to being particularly busy, I think it's just the first few weeks back at work after such a long break!

Well the pic above is what I'm doing at the moment, it's a pair of roman blinds I'm finishing off, I'll post a pic of when they are fitted!

I have also been inspired by a new friend I have made in blog world called 'silversewer' she is so organised with her meal planning, and I am as far away from that as can be! I am as we speak roasting a chicken, stuffing roast potatoes and veg, which is rare for us! I usually cook what ever processed frozen food is left in the freezer and if the freezer is empty I order a takeaway! Really wasteful and I need to save some money this year for a few things I'm planning, so I can do without takeaways at £20 a throw!

Back to the subject of crafting!! I have so much curtain work to finish off it's untrue! I'm going to get my head down now and plough through it then I can start being a bit more creative again with the cushions and embroidery etc.

I hope you are all well, and I'll be back in a few day's!


  1. You don't want to feel under pressure to post all the time otherwise it becomes a chore and not fun.. which is what it's all about!Look forward to seeing those roman blinds when they're finished.


  2. Oh dear, I think you need a holiday with silver sewer to get a few hints and tips, whist you alter her curtains for her LOL. Roman blinds would look very well in my new bathroom.

    Glad I am an inspiration to someone. Menu planning is something I have done for years having 4 children and a full time job made it a neccessity?????spelling????

  3. Takeaways at £20, that's a bad habit you need to get out of. Love your cushions. Ilona

  4. Thanks so much for your emails, I'm now back on track. I'm not a very good cook at all, but it's even worse trying to cook for little ol' me! When all else fails, I can be found in Macdonalds - it's only about 500yards from my house. When my 3 year old granddaughter is staying with me and I ask her what she would like for lunch, she asks, "Shall we go over the road to 'Donalds'?" as she calls it. I think her Dad has told her about my kitchen disasters when he was a boy. (My gravies and sauces usually have to be served by the slice!)