Saturday, 9 January 2010

Love Cushions

Well I must be bored today, or should I say inspired? I have recently become a huge fan of Jan Constantine's embroidery, in fact I have ordered the book, but tonight after looking at her web site I decided to have a go at a cushion cover, I know some of the letters blend into the gingham background but I think if I embroider or zig zag stitch in the matching claret shade it will stand out well, I hope anyway! But this will just be a practise run as the fabrics were all I could find tonight.

So far I have just cut out the lettering and used bondaweb to attach to the back fabric, but again tricky part is finishing it off!


  1. I think this is a thing of beauty, don't doubt yourself, it is going to be wonderful, look forward to seeing the finished cushion! Have you considered using blanket stitch round the letters? I always avoid hand stitching but when I do some I am amazed at how relaxing it can be! hugs