Friday, 17 October 2014


Well i've had a few days at home, which I needed badly house was looking sadly neglected the cooker hood had grown a dust coat, and there were piles and piles of dried and semi dried clothes everywhere, and every spare space had been turned into a filing cabinet mainly receipts for all the equipment needed in the new shop, so I spent the day dusting filing shredding washing! And slowly it looks like a home again.

So as I was feeling homey I thought i'd read a few blogs, mainly those using the words homely or country anything with a country feel, not sure if i'm missing the country, don't feel like I am i've been in london nearly 10 months, so as it happened we visited a friend last night who also relocated from Oxfordshire like me however she lives in an old house where as we live in sn apartment, but she had gone for a fairly country look, maybe we need to buy a house!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tetbury Antique Shopping!

Well I checked my blog and realised I hadn't posted since January so I thought it was time forba post, had a lovely day a few weekends ago in Tetbury a pretty cotswold town, where every shop is a vintage fans dream, lots of lovely antique shops, interior shops and more, we found a 1930's fire extinguisher that had been converted into a lamp, it was offered with a beige linen shade that I didn't think was right so on the way home popped into John Lewis High Wycombe and found a perfect black shade that suited the lamp so much better, unfortunately though not for us but for the new shop, but maybe one day in the future it will find itself at home! We had lunch in a lovely pub/hotel in Tetbury food was amazing but the portions were even too big for me! Drinks were served in jam jars with handles very unusual.

Friday, 3 January 2014


Well I made these in record time! Can't wait to see how blackout they are in the daylight!! Will post another pic if them in daylight with the tie-backs on!