Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Taking Stock

I decided that when I start back in January I want to start with everything new, the Machine is now on order, and quite frankly the last time I bought a decent pair of scissors is longer than I remember, The last pair of Fiskars I bought cost about £14.00 today they cost a staggering £26.00!!!! I also invested in a £16.00 sharpner, I did hesitate but thought i'd give it a go.....well i'm quite annoyed to be honest that £16.00 sharpner has returned my 15 year old scissors back to as new condition.......I could have saved £26.00!!!! LOL

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New machine!

Well some very heavy interlined curtains saw the end of my faithful Elna, well not the end i'm sure a good service will have her running like new again! but it has proven since I sold my Industrial Brother machine, the Elna is being put under too much pressure, after lengthy investigation I have decided on the Janome 1600, if anybody has one I would love to know what they think of it! Hope your all having a great Christmas! X