Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New machine!

Well some very heavy interlined curtains saw the end of my faithful Elna, well not the end i'm sure a good service will have her running like new again! but it has proven since I sold my Industrial Brother machine, the Elna is being put under too much pressure, after lengthy investigation I have decided on the Janome 1600, if anybody has one I would love to know what they think of it! Hope your all having a great Christmas! X

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  1. I did post earlier but it seems to have gone into the ether. I have just bought the new 12000 and trying to tame it, its very didderent from the 11000. The 11000 is having the threader looked at, once I get it back it is going for sale along with the extra hoops I got with each update and also the extra feet I bought for it.

    I had to get a new computer in the summer, can you send me your email again please.