Friday, 17 October 2014


Well i've had a few days at home, which I needed badly house was looking sadly neglected the cooker hood had grown a dust coat, and there were piles and piles of dried and semi dried clothes everywhere, and every spare space had been turned into a filing cabinet mainly receipts for all the equipment needed in the new shop, so I spent the day dusting filing shredding washing! And slowly it looks like a home again.

So as I was feeling homey I thought i'd read a few blogs, mainly those using the words homely or country anything with a country feel, not sure if i'm missing the country, don't feel like I am i've been in london nearly 10 months, so as it happened we visited a friend last night who also relocated from Oxfordshire like me however she lives in an old house where as we live in sn apartment, but she had gone for a fairly country look, maybe we need to buy a house!!

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