Friday, 8 January 2010


Well even though I did have to go back into work thurs and fri, and I had gotten very depressed after finishing work on the 19th December, and returning on wednesday 6th January, and then being snowed in on the wednesday an extra day I wasn't expecting! too much of a good thing syndrome me thinks! and the thought of going back filled me with dread! However It's friday night! And I received lots of wonderful things in the post! See pics! Kath Kidstons Sew finally arrived belated christmas present! Everywhere around here had sold out of it! And my most favourite magazine House & Gardens!

Not sure what i'm going to do with the hand bag thing when i've made it! Don't Laugh!! If my mother doesn't want it I will do a draw and one of you can have it LOL

Oh and new people have admitted to following my blog and added themselves as friends! So many thanks for that and I hope I don't dissapoint with boring posts!

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  1. You have sew! Been trying to get that for ages! Lucky you as for your blog it is far from boring!