Sunday, 10 January 2010

Lark Rise to Candleford

Yes the new series started tonight! And as usual excellent viewing! I just finished watching the first episode, and now i'm wondering why can't we have a permanent 3 times a week soap of it? no more Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale need I go on! We are all unfortunately too aware that we must lose loved one's that children take drugs and people get stabbed walking to the shops, so why would anyone want to watch it on TV 3 or 4 nights a week and then all showed again at the weekend for those who had the good fortune to miss it!

Let's have make believe televison land where for a few hours a week we can dream of how much better life used to be! Of how wonderful it would be to live somewhere with a Greengrocers a Tailors and a Forge, much better I think than a Pimp, Dealer, and a shady car sales man!

Is it just me?


  1. Sadly Clive doesn't like watching costume dramas! so i have missed it so far, but your enthusiasm has encouraged me to maybe get it on DVD? I loved the Emma that was on a few months ago!

    I read a lovely book recently by Anne Perry? it was a wonderful Christmas Read set in a small Victorian village. it was sublime!

  2. I totally agree with you.I think I was born in the wrong century!


  3. no - it most certainly is not just you - I would love to have Dorcas sell me a stamp and Queenie sort our my arthritic feet and Robert mend my gatepost and the Pratts refuse to make me a dress because I live in Larkrise. Do you think Margaret and thomas really got it together?

  4. If we got rid of all such rot as Holly oaks, and the other soap opera rot. Changed all the cooking programmes to a more home economics type programme and how to be greener and had a cool very nice looking scientist to host the programme. I think this country would start to move in the right direction.

    I abhor holly oaks. I think it rots young peoples minds and it is definitely on to early. Hugely violent, racy and I suppose is to show how not to live. It just shows that this is the so called norm. It wasnt when I was a school.

    And do not get me started on Celebrity big brother. Thank gawd that programme is being cancelled. Why are we letting youngsters idolise people like that heidi woman. Whose face is completely fake. And at the height of her Madam/brothel/prozzy she earnt $10 million. great lets get all our young woman to follow in her foot steps. great. It not only makes me feel sick I am also sad for what they will feel about themselves later in life.

    Motto to live by "if you cant tell your Granny or your future children, what you have done, maybe you shouldnt be doing it?". that is the whole of Holly oaks out then isnt it!

  5. Hi there forgot to give me email address. Not that I am hugely interesting or anything like that.

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  6. I love anything like Lark Rise to Candleford too and get lost in the peaceful English countryside as much as the story :-)
    Your pillow designs are absolutely lovely ♥

  7. Hi Katie,
    Great suggestion you put on my blog!!! Will get the box set and let him suffer!!! LOL

  8. No, it's not just you - when I go to the cinema or watch TV I want to be entertained, not depressed!