Saturday, 27 February 2010

Pomegranate & Bee!

A few more I ran off tonight, and what's better they were free! just downloaded them onto a dongle put them in the machine and pressed start! The pomegranate is giving me idea's for a kitchen Roman Blind or something, I wonder if there is a market for machine embroidered blinds?

And still more sewing.......

I have decided i'm not making these is the letter 'S' is required, it felt like the first one I ever made going round those internal corners! This is going to be a cushion I'm not going to pipe it just have the back of the cushion made up in the floral the same as the lettering. I'll finish the back and put the zip in now and then it's back to the embroidery machine!

More sewing....

Just a few more embroidery's I wizzed off last night, one is for my cousins son Wyatt, love that name so unusual! and the other is for my mother, not sure if they will be cushions or lavender hearts or what don't care just like making them at the moment, but now I am going to put the new machine away for a while and finish the applique cushion I started last week! Hope you are all having a good weekend.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Machine Embroidery

Yes it's finally arrived my new toy! Had a family meal out last night so only had about an hour to hurriedly read the instructions and had a quick play! Well for my very first attempt I was very pleased, although I must say there is very little I had to do! thankfully the machine does it all for you.

Well I have attached a pic of my first attempt and I am very pleased, were out again tonight my cousin son's 1st birthday, but hopefully i'll have all weekend to explore my new toy!

Friday, 19 February 2010


Just starting a few more of the applique cushions, here is a quick pic once again need a nice royal blue thread to highlight the lettering have to pop out and get some in the morning, it's a gift for a friend and she leaves in the morning so will have to be quick!

Other news I have treated myself to a new Embroidery sewing machine, it's due to arrive on Tuesday and it feels like waiting for Christmas day as a child!

Once again Silversewer's expertise has helped me choose the best machine for me, and she also advised me of the best place to buy it! And I can't thank you enough for recomending Drummonds of Edingburgh the friendly service I received over the telephone left me in no doubt of dealing with a shop several hundred miles away! Highly Highly worth a call if your thinking about a new machine.