Friday, 26 February 2010

Machine Embroidery

Yes it's finally arrived my new toy! Had a family meal out last night so only had about an hour to hurriedly read the instructions and had a quick play! Well for my very first attempt I was very pleased, although I must say there is very little I had to do! thankfully the machine does it all for you.

Well I have attached a pic of my first attempt and I am very pleased, were out again tonight my cousin son's 1st birthday, but hopefully i'll have all weekend to explore my new toy!


  1. Hello. I love your blog. And marvel that you are so creative. Whilst Helen, and myself make most of our own cleaning products, jams and bread. As well as grow all of our own fruit and veg. We are not too creative regarding embroidery or home making skills.

    I love your roller blinds. Do you make them on commission? I know you don't know the size we would need, but well, have you any idea of what your starting price would be?

    Love john

  2. That's a fabulous toy to play with, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy yourself.

  3. You're going to have fun with your new 'toy'!
    Enjoy the weekend.

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Well done, I told you it was easy to use....look forward to seeing more of your 'playing'


  5. Oh I wish I could do that with my sewing machine. Mine's an old Jones one and only does straight stitching! Sue XX