Thursday, 31 January 2013

Bedroom makeover!

Starting to think of my bedroom in the country! Sold the huge repro mahogany chest of drawers on ebay and replaced with the Ikea Hemnes chest i've had my eye on for ages! Found these wonderful black and cream knobs on ebay! They remind me of liquorice Allsorts!

Finally found the courage to spray paint my mahogany curtain pole grey! So pleased with the result, found a great wallpaper too and think i'll stick with Grey stripe fabric for curtains as I have it already! Just need to choose paint for below dado rail! More pics to follow.....


  1. oooohhh looking forward to seeing the end result! I love french grey, I would quite happily decorate my whole house with that colour, with the ocaasional splash of red. Love the drawer knobs,and well done for painting your poles!! Its nice to personalise your things. I love the billy bookcases from ikea, I have them in my lounge and kid's bedrooms. I love to mix old and new. Karen x

  2. Yeah me too Karen! This room will really be a mix of stuff i've had for a long time, things i've bought over the years, i found a lovely old slate clock that i bought with some money my mother gave me for my birthday over 10 years ago it never worked but I love it, must get it repaired soon!

    Finished spraying pole and an old wood carving that i've turned into a lamp, will post soon, and yes you have guessed it all in french grey!


  3. Cheeky, just a peep for us. I cannot wait to see it in full. The pole will look lovely. Cx