Thursday, 30 December 2010

Upstairs Downstairs

Did any of you start to watch the new series of Upstairs Downstairs? I have recorded them all but as yet have not watched any! So for those who have and also remember the 70's series how do you think it compares?? Is it actually the same house that they used last time??


  1. I watched upstairs downstairs and really enjoyed it, pity it was so short!! Just 3 episodes not enough.

    It is set around the time of the Abdication and I think was a good continuation from the old series which I felt got a but boring towards the end. I have watched some of the re runs on sky.

    If you have moved you need to change your profile, waiting patiently for an email update of all your doings!!

  2. I did watch the new three-parter, and thought it was OK. As I remember the 1970's series of Upstairs Downstairs with fond memory, I have to say I prefer the original. x