Monday, 25 May 2009

Before and After Hallway

Before and after Kitchen 2

Before and After Kitchen

Before and after theme

I've called this before and after because I have taken pictures of the house with bare windows and I will take pictures tomorrow when I have fitted the new curtains and Blinds! Unfortunately the curtains have not been made by me they are all ready mades but all the Roman Blinds have been made by me.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cushion Covers!

Do you know when you have those weeks when you get round to doing everything you've been talking about doing ? Well it looks like it's one of those weeks for me at last! Made these cushion covers this evening out of some fabric remnants, the stripe you see is a false suede, and the leaf deign fabric is chenille one side and the side I've used is silky with the leaves in the chenille. The suede is what I made the headboard out of in earlier blogs I think it was Osbourne & Little and the Leaf fabric came from Dunelm Mill!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Before & After Ironing Board

Just a bit of fun really been meaning to do this for ages! Lost my rag the other weekend when I was trying to iron a Jacket to wear to a Christening and melted the lovely foam all over it LOL
So here we go a nice vintage cover I have yards of this fabric I know it's Laura Ashley it say's so on the selvedge but the name of it escapes me, it is printed on a woven dobby fabric. Any Idea's of the name?

Log Burner

I just remembered that I had found a pic I took when the fireplace and log burner were nearly finished! Well I say nearly the room only had a paint of magnolia, I still need to change the colour re-arrange the furniture and get some more pictures up, but here is a little look, and like the post before I will post again when it's finally finished!

Before & After

I absolutely love magazine articles that show before and after articles of room's, so I have taken a picture of a bookcase in the small hallway between my kitchen and garden, the bookcase was a bargain buy from a friend, and the hallway is missing it's skirting and badly needs decorating, so I intend to transform them both using paint! I will post more pics as soon as the transformation is complete!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Had to post this pic, just love these blinds and curtains in this beautiful Mark Wilkinson Kitchen, I wished I'd trained as a Cabinet Maker and not a curtain maker.......

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fabric SALE!

Once again i've been brave and I have started to sort out some of my fabric pieces, some of them i've held onto for years, waiting to find the right window for them, but it's time to have a clear out! I'm slowly measuring them and photographing them and they are starting to appear on Ebay, my seller ID is witneycurtainco So please have a look, for all you floral vintage fans there should be a few items you might like, happy bidding!