Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fabric SALE!

Once again i've been brave and I have started to sort out some of my fabric pieces, some of them i've held onto for years, waiting to find the right window for them, but it's time to have a clear out! I'm slowly measuring them and photographing them and they are starting to appear on Ebay, my seller ID is witneycurtainco So please have a look, for all you floral vintage fans there should be a few items you might like, happy bidding!


  1. Hi, ok then I have you added lol I love the floppy top curtains!

  2. Lovely fabric....and the Blog's not bad either!! Lol.

    Sue xx

  3. Hi Jason,

    Lovely fabric :-)

    You can get free blog backgrounds and other goodies at shabby blogs, there is a link to them on my sidebar, it's also worth checking out tip junkie, as they feature lots of fabulous helpful pages :-)

    I've only been doing this a month or so, and I've picked up lots of useful things from both those sites!

    Rose XXX