Sunday, 28 June 2009

Weekend Break

I have been a bit quite for a while, so just thought i'd write a quick post! Just spent a lovely weekend in Liverpool, top two photos are of a quite remarkable piece of art, the wall and all the windows etc. turn a full 360d amazing to watch! and the third picture is of the Boutique Hotel we
stayed in. I have always loved London and would never have thought of visiting Liverpool but it has an original untouched feeling to it which is wonderful, it has been used for many films, and I think should be used for more period drama's as some of the streets at night have such a dickensian feel to them. And I also had another look at the Albert Dock where Richard & Judy was filmed from, that programme was my saviour when working on my own from home all day making curtains, I so wish Richard and Judy had never left This Morning, but alas everything must change!

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