Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tesco's Finest?

Well I must admit to being a real snob when it come's to bedlinen, if it wasn't John Lewis Egyptian cotton at the very least it didn't appear on my bed!

But having decided that nearly all my duvet sets were either holed or had too many buttons missing to salvage, I realised that I didn't have the hundreds of pounds needed to replace them, so I decided to be brave one day and go to the home section of some local supermarkets!

Well shocked is not the word I found Egyptian cotton super king size sheets for a mere £16.00 and matching Oxford Pillowcases for £4.99, but the blue gingham king size duvet set for £5.33 astounded me, how is it possible to produce these for under £6?? Yes it's 50/50 polycotton, but made up with the brilliant white Egyptian cotton flat sheet and matching Oxford pillowcases who would know it was all achieved for under £32.00! I'm not fully converted there is nothing like a Frette sheet against the skin, but for a quick cheap new look you can't complain.

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