Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ralph and the log burner

This should have been my first post, whilst looking for inspiration for fitting a log burner I stumbled on a blog of somebody proudly showing pics of their gorgeous log burner! Well it's the night before christmas eve, and I am hoping at 7am tomorrow morning somebody is going to climb onto my roof and install a flue liner and connect up my burner! then a large scale clean up and a quick paint job on the new plaster saxon green from F&B seems to be the one, I seem to have inheriited a brown leather sofa, and most of the houses I see have this combination of paint colour and it looks amazing! Might mean i'll need new curtains but he ho! And then all I need to do is get the last tree in the garden centre and get a bit of christmas spirit going in the place, luckily nobody is dropping in till New years Eve, so hopefully it will start to look half decent by then! On top of that the kitchen is just receiving it's final coats of paint meaning i can get the table and chairs out of the shed finally! Ralph shown in the pic loves the log burner at my parents so I'm hoping it's going to be a favourite spot for him.

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